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I’m boycotting WH Smith over travel guide books

News this week that WH Smith has signed an exclusive deal with Penguin travel guides in their 460+ shops, including most airports and train stations has disgusted me. On the rare occasion I do purchase a guide book I want choice not restricted to a certain brand.

I'm boycotting WH Smith over travel guide books

You will not be able to purchase guides from the likes of Frommer’s and Lonely Planet.

Last week I purchased an AA city guide to Venice from a WH Smith but I for one will be purchasing any future guide books prior to my arrival at the airport. My meagre purchase of the occasional guide book will not bring WH Smith to its feet, but I suspect I will not be the only person boycotting them.

Debate on the future of the guide book

You have to also think about the writers who write for smaller brands or are independent. The debate over the future of the travel guide book is one that has been discussed at length. If more outlets like WH Smith go down a similar route could this be the end of the travel guide book.

Money talks

I do not know why WH Smith have gone down this path, I suspect its because it’s a lucrative deal but for consumers it’s not right and it’ll only be a matter of time before we find out of if it’s the right decision. I am interested to read your comments on their decision.

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