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Camping wild, Dartmoor and Scotland

Wild Dartmoor ponies © / Allan Proudfoot

Dartmoor National Park is the last place in England where you can legally camp wild. Spending one or two nights on the open land here is perfectly acceptable provided that you choose your spot sensibly. Don't pitch your tent on farmland, on moorland enclosed by walls, within 100m (328ft) of a road, on flood plains or on archaeological sites. Camping beneath scarred tors as the wind rakes across the moors is great fun and you'll share your campsite with wild ponies.

In the Scottish highlands and islands, there's no greater pleasure than sharing the heather-sprayed hillsides and shimmering lochs with a loved one under canvas. Just don't forget your torch, midge net and repellent - the small, biting insects can make spring and early summer miserable if you don't have the right kit. Be sure to check you're not camping on private land.

Price: Free.
Facilities: None.

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