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East Coast Park of Singapore

The beach at East Coast Park of Singapore

Beside relaxing yourself and enjoy the scenic view, cyclists and roller skaters are everywhere. I really enjoy to cycling along the has total of 11.6km of bike trail, but I failed to finish the whole trail....Honestly, it's a nice place to sweat! Haha!

Cyclist & roller Skater

I love the way he hang the shoes...

I enjoy having my barbecue chicken in my hand with the greenery surrounding...I felt so peaceful....

The Greenery environment

Along the trail, there's a Campsite with washroom facility. There were quite a numbers of campers having their tents and enjoying the foods....

I was attracted by the outdoor facilities of the Singapore Outward Bound School East Coast Campus.
And I'm wondering about staying in this nice place, possible? No, I'm not the student here...

Beside this Campus, there's the Water Venture@East Coast.

The area to keep the Surfboard

Some photos of the Wind Surfers.

Beside the Windsurfing, there are also the Extreme Sport where the surfers surf on the surfboard with Parachute, they called - Kitesurfing. Below are some photos....

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