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Roller Derby Houston © Roller Derby Houston

As night falls, the sound inside Kicks sports auditorium can reach deafening levels and the language becomes so colourful that it runs right off the spectrum and that's just on the track. Welcome to Roller Derby Houston where all-girl teams with names like the Psyche Ward Sirens, Burlesque Brawlers and - perhaps most pleasingly - the Machete Betties struggle to impress their femininity on their fellow racers as they jostle for position around the oval track, or failing that, chip someone's tooth. This neon lit, lipstick-smeared spectacle is great fun and perfect entertainment for those of you who were disappointed when the Romans stopped pitting fighters against each other in gladiatorial combat.

From the ridiculous to the sublime, and Texas' biggest city is a cradle for the arts, with four world-class companies; the Houston Symphony, the award winning Houston Grand Opera, Alley Theatre and the Houston Ballet are all prominent features of the city's social landscape.

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