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Famous Sons and Daughters

When Bodrum still bore the name "Halicarnassus", the capital of Caria, the city and its peninsula produced a considerable number of prominent personalities whose names continue to be celebrated in history. In later ages others gained admission to this Roll of the Renowned - which is not closed yet.

Hailed as "Father of History"; traveled extensively and wrote "Histories". Born ca. 484 B.C.

Navigator and explorer; sailed from the Indus River to the north reaches of the Red Sea. (ca. 510 B.C.)

Artemisia I
Queen of Caria, member of the war council of Xerxes of Persia; commanded her own naval squadron in the Battle of Salamis (480 B.C.)

Ruler of Caria; enlarged Halicarnassus, brought in population and surrounded the city with extensive walls.

Artemisia II
Sister and wife of Mausolus; built the Mausoleum; conquered Rhodes by stratagem.


Queen of Caria; deposed by her brother, reinstated by Alexander the Great who became later adopted son.

Historian, linguist and critic; wrote a 20 volume history of Rome and other works.

Neyzen Tevfik
Poet, satirist and bete noir of the establishment; reed flute virtuoso.

Turgut Reis
Known as Dragut to western historians; corsair, then admiral in Ottoman navy, killed in the siege of Malta (1565).

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