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The Best Areas to Fish in Florida

So, you're looking for the best areas to fish in Florida, are you? That's great, because you've picked one of the best states for it in the whole country. You have a wide variety of fishing available in Florida since you have reef fishing off the coast of the Keys and then in the mainland you have traditional pond and lake fishing and then off the Gulf and Atlantic coasts you now have big-game fishing.
Let's talk about all three. The reef fishing off of the Florida Keys is going to be similar to what you might find out in Hawaii or the Caribbean or any other tropical island for that matter. These fish can be more restricted with what you can catch and keep and fish for, but all the varieties make up for this potential restriction.
Over in the mainland of Florida there is good freshwater fishing with all manners of freshwater fish to be caught. Make sure that you have your license with you when you are out. There are many fishing television shows that are filmed in the great state of Florida and for good reason. There are many excellent species of freshwater fish available for the angler who knows what they are doing.
Your final option for Florida fishing is to go out after the big-game saltwater fish in the Gulf of Mexico or out into the Atlantic ocean. The marlin is one of the best fighters that fishermen and women usually aim for when out on the big game boats. These are some of the best fun for the avid fisher.
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