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First Time Flyer

I underwent this experience recently. I had always said that if I had to fly, I would and the time came but the flying ordeal was very enjoyable.
Prior to my flight, I spent time in prayer remembering Gods word and received it unto myself. He said that He would give His Angles charge over us to protect and deliver us; I stood on that scripture and I did not allow any unfavorable thoughts to enter my mind.
I prepared myself spiritually and mentally for the flight. The day of the flight, I had no fears. We had a smooth take off which I had always thought would be uncomfortable but it was not.
The most important thing to do when traveling especially if you are traveling alone is to pay attention and ask questions if you need to. Never assume you know because things can suddenly change.
The Pilot is very informative, he will let you know if there is turbulence, he will let you know how high you are flying, how much longer you have in the air and when you are about to descend. He will also tell you the weather condition. The Airline Attendant will let you know what gate we are to enter and the location of our baggage if it is your final destination. They will also show you where the oxygen masks, floatation devices, and exist signs are located.
Major Airports are extremely large and it is easy to get lost but take advantage of uniformed employee, they will tell you where you will need to go and be sure to read the overhead signs and follow its direction. Fortunately, for me, I boarded in a smaller Airport but the security was up to standard. The employees did not make me feel uncomfortable while checking in and that was a good thing, I did not need any extra burdens. Larger Airports security may be more extensive but remember it is for our safety. It will not take long so we should remember that and endue it.
You may need to walk a long way to get to your next flight gate but there are carts driven by employees that will assist you. If you need their service, you can request it at the information desk and they will call for one for you. If you need a wheel chair, one will be provided for you.
Get to the Airport early, have your ticket and I.D. readily available. If you are to board at a certain time, keep checking on it because it could change even the boarding gate can change so be vigilant.
Do not rely on the word of other passengers; if you need information ask security or other Airport employees, you would mostly get the right information.
Airports will ask Passengers over the intercom to watch out for suspicious behavior and report it. This is for our safety so we should do what they ask.
Until we actually fly, we might have some concerns and we should but overall flying is very comfortable.
I am Christian and a License Practical Nurse. I enjoy helping and encouraging others. I am a Wife, Mother and Grandmother. I am also President of the Parent Teachers Organization, President of the Parent Supporter Task Force and a member of the Parent Leadership Institute.
My website is: I sell a variety of Christian Products such as E-books, Poems, and Teachings. Free weekly Devotions. Inspiritional products like Crosses, Bible covers, Plaques, Figurines and more. Also other products for the entire family.

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