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Gatwick Airport Guide

London Gatwick Airport is London's second largest and UK's second busiest airport. Global Infrastructure Partners currently owns the airport and Gatwick Airport Limited operates the airport.
The site in which the airport is today was owned by De Gatwick family till the 19th century. Between 1920 and 1932, the land was used as an aerodrome. In 1933, approval for commercial flights was given by the Air Ministry. Hillman's Airways was the first airline operator from the airport. In 1935, British Airways became the principal operator of the Airport. The world's first circular terminal was built on this site in 1936. After some fatal accidents in 1936, the airport base for Royal Air Force. After the Second World War, the airport functioned as a civil airfield. During this period, maintenance works took place and many charter and cargo flights were operated from here.
Gatwick Airport was the first airport that established a direct link to a railway station. After changing hands and ownerships with different names, the airport was back to commercial functioning.
The Airport has two terminals and one runway. The two terminals: North and South were expanded in 2000 and 2001. It backed the award for the "Best Privatized Airport" in 2005.
Airport Today
Started as an aerodrome, Gatwick airport is today the hub for British Airways, Aer Lingus, Virgin Atlantic, EasyJet and a number of charter airlines: Monarch Airlines, Thomson Airways and Thomas Cook Airlines. British Airways and EasyJet are the Airport's two dominant resident airlines.
Gatwick's South terminal is the older and busier terminal. Both terminals have shops, restaurants and bars, information desks, exchange bureau, ATMs and duty-free outlets in the first floor for travellers. Business travellers have access to business lounges in the airport. Virgin Holidays' V room is accessed by leisure travellers who fly on Virgin Atlantic. Business people have excellent facilities for holding meetings and conferences. Many people spend time in the prayer and counseling rooms available in the terminals. A medical centre is located in the South terminal.
On-site and off-site hotels range from executive to capsule hotels. Booking can be made in the hotels after reaching the airport or by online. Travellers can also relax in bars and pubs. You have lots and lots to taste ranging from high end dining to family friendly restaurants. Shopping opportunities are plenty and you can get assistance from duty free shops at the airport. You need not worry about your currency as you can order in advance and collect once you reach the airport.
A free light railway operating on an automated people mover track connects the two terminals. It is only a 5 minutes travel between the airports. Moving between the terminals is interesting as one can enjoy the sites all along their way.
Transportation facilities to move to and from the airport are also convenient. Gatwick airport taxi services are available to help travelers in their journey. Pre booking taxis is comfortable. For point-point flights in Europe, your best option is Gatwick Airport.
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