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Backpacking Africa Away

Backpacking in Africa can be a real thrill. It is a chic, cheap and fun way of going around, and it will be a different way of experiencing, and breathing Africa.
It makes no sense, however, to linger in one place for the entire duration of your vacation. Travel around, and enjoy the cheap tickets as well as passes while you can. Going easily from one place to another is the whole point after all of backpacking. Here's a list of must-visit places in Africa:
Lake Malawi - Malawi
This beautiful fresh water lake will not disappoint any traveler. If however, you prefer the saltwater, then head to the beach. It is not a coincidence that Malawi is cheapest place on the planet where you can get your diving certification!
Chefchaouen - Morocco
This place does make Moroccans proud. It's located at the very heart of Morocco's Rif Mountains. It's a laid back town, with picturesque mountain views. It offers affordable accommodations for weary backpackers. Marvel at the medina back dropped against the lovely mountains, and line with endless charming little cafes.
Kokrobite - Ghana
Ghana boasts of fantastic beaches, but the most popular is the beaches surrounding Kokobrite, including Langma. The other attraction to this place is the famous Academy of African Music (AAMA) founded by Mustapha Tettey which lures drummers and dancers from all over the world.
Zanzibar - Tanzania
Zanzibar has a lot to offer to tourists who are hungry for the sand, sea and sky. In the East Coast in Paje, Kinazi Upepo is a chic, yet affordable beach destination with lovely bungalows. In the North Coast, Nungwi has Kenwa Rocks with its lovely beach huts. Over in the Southeast coast, Bwejuu and Jambiani offer some quiet respite for travelers.
Fun is spelled big in Africa. To travel there, you just have to make that plan early, book early and look for cheap tickets in your target destination. For sure, you will never be short of stories of adventure to share after Africa.
Backpacking in Africa is one of the most adventurous activities performed during vacation. So, people keep looking for cheap tickets to that place. You can read more about vacation and vacation planning in my other

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