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Bali Island / Indonesia

Coral reef island and famous with green cover, is one of the world's best diving center candidate. Fiji tourism is not as comfortable and peaceful people who want to spend a vacation choice. Nusa Dua area of the large hotels and restaurants, shopping paradise.
Defined as the island's cultural center and art center museum Ubud'daki appear sure. To the east of the island of Bali and the former is defined as the region is ideal for observing the lives of indigenous.

Bali's largest city Denpasar'dır island. Temples and more than 10 thousand in Denpasar and the environment is a volcano. Waiting to be discovered a green nature, the famous Bali island of the white sand and clear blue sea ... On the slopes of a volcano in the terraced rice fields and the appearance of the summer almost every day of the year in Bali Island, the climate is always popular through ...

(Best time: April-November)

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