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Maldive Islands / Indian Ocean

Desert isle and, opened the colorful flowers in coral reef, fish and hundreds of feet through the sweet smell of spices ... Maldive Islands, in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka'nın south-west, from one end to the other end you can walk in half an hour is made up of 190 islands. They have 202'sinde life, 56 is operated for tourism purpose.
Tourist accept most of the islands Male North Male South Ari region and is located in. Rent a yacht and a walk to explore this beautiful town. History and museums in order nlar ‰ Maldives If you're curious to abandon the idea. Tired of city life and do not want to see people around ... Give hand Malvid Islands ...

Cocoa Island
Robinson, author Robert Louis Stevenson Crusoe'nun it "the most divine Indian ocean island" is defined as. Sea and beach so silky it clear that, where the sand ends where the sea begins, difficult to cut. In the shade of palm trees and green bungalow resting a handful of soil cover saz ... The white coral beach and the luxury and comfort of all types of wood have made bungalow'larda. But the most beautiful things in Cocoa Island, the coral beaches and lakes around the bar must have ministers. Cocoa'da scuba diving in the world standards. If you want to start diving into sports, into the new service Dive Center Soleni sure to stop by.

Banyan Tree
Your spirit can rest in a place full Vabbinfaru Island. Beds with mosquito net regal, delicious food, every hour room service and a good massage at the health club. Instrument with conical roofs 48 bungalow, green tinted glass from the door to your room is inviting breeze. And, of course, watching the glorious scenery of the place lies then offer ‰ imk. In the room is accompanied with wooden furniture, wrought iron candelabra. Mini-bar, hair dryer, safe box and coffee machine is available. Hotels in the center of the health or Europe Eastern methods of therapy procedures have been used for everything from perfume to purify possible. Dived in deep water, as well as scuba diving and snorkel diving with water sports, the hotel offers traditional cuisine in the restaurant Sangue İlaafathi and delicious you can find examples. Beach wear is acceptable!

(Best time: January-July, September-October)

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