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Santa Lucia

In the south of the Caribbean sea, a tiny island in the face Karakas'ın var. Name sound like a song playing napoliten: Santa Lucia. Giant palm with gold sand, here I am here a little vanilla smell of paradise ...

Santa Lucia'lılar here for "God's back" call. Forget that they were thinking? We do not think. Urban culture and untouched beauty of the remote they maybe. Mick Jagger and Princess Margaret, of Santa Lucia'nın habitue. Tropical rain forests, banana paradise plains, the palm of the sky, full of exotic flowers and bushes trying piston with the two extinct volcanoes Santa Lucia, the Caribbean, from the most exotic island. Friday night, the traditional fishing village of Gros Islet'te Do not miss the carnival. In fact, this carnival celebrations of fishermen, today a tourist activities open to everyone. You can lose yourself in the tropical garden Soufriere'deki. Port to the local market suffered Castries'e Başkent you look at something. Exotic vegetables and fruits, spices, herbs, and a souvenir shop, which you will recall.

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