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Caribbean Holiday Guide

Caribbean holiday guide are everything you want them to be...from luxury sunshine paradise to unforgettable rainforest adventure
From diving to honeymoons, cruising to golf, wedding to eco-adventure, music to history, Caribbean holidays has it all

The men, women and children who arrived from Europe, Africa and Asia have also contributed to the creation of humanity’s richest melting pot. The renowned Caribbean culture of peace and aversion to war is the result of our mutual understanding of others' beliefs, lifestyles and ability to adapt. The Caribbean today is one of the few places free from internal agression.

The results of this unique meld of history and culture can be seen in our faces, our buildings, our languages, our food, our museums and our monuments.

At the highest levels of achievement, there are Nobel prize winners including St Lucians Derek Walcott, the poet, and economist Sir Arthur Lewis, along with Mexicans Octavio Paz, the writer, and economist Alfonso Garcia Robles.

The Caribbean has also produced some of the world's most renowned artists, musicians and novelists, such as Trinidad's V S Naipaul.

Travellers to the Caribbean made a further contribution by finding inspiration and insight here. Famous incomers include Gaugin, Hemingway, Graham Greene and Nöel Coward. You can see their retreats today.

Wherever you are in the Caribbean you are likely to find something or somewhere that will remind you of your homeland – and always something more to expand your horizons.


Destination-skipping or “island-hopping” is easy within the Caribbean as the islands lie close together. There are inter-island ferries, ranging from old-fashioned schooners where visitors rub shoulders with islanders, fresh produce and crates, to modern hydrofoils that whisk you between islands in air-conditioned ease.


Holidays are a time for relaxation – but they are also the best opportunity to get a little adventure into your life. The Caribbean offers an extraordinary range of exciting activities on foot, on horseback, by boat or land transport.

Bring some sturdy walking shoes and hike through the stunning scenery. In many Caribbean countries, you can join a free organised hike, follow one of the many marked trails or hire a guide. Trails vary in difficulty from leisurely 20-minute walks to a full day’s journey up steep and difficult terrain.

Hiking or walking brings you closest to the unique beauty of our region. Go on a flamingo watch or join a birdwatching hike and thrill to the sight of some of the most colourful and rare birds in the world. Ask your guide about the exotic plants and animals. Then, after a hard descent, cool off in a whirlpool at the foot of a cascading waterfall.

If exploring by boat is more your style, take your pick from kayaking upriver, through a mangrove swamp or in the sea. Join an expedition in dugout canoes that will take you through wild rapids and falls – and allows time for fishing, camping or mountaineering.

Take the opportunity to explore labyrinthine underground caves with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, bat colonies, rock paintings and underground waterfalls. You may even be able to swim – we have some of the world’s longest subterranean waterways.

Caribbean Holiday Guide

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