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10 Reasons To Use Airport Parking

Not sure how to get to and from the airport for your next holiday? Here are 10 reasons why airport parking may be a good idea.
1. You may feel more at ease knowing you have to get yourself to the airport on time, rather than relying on public transport or a taxi.
2. Taxis can be very expensive, especially if you live quite far from the airport, so airport parking may be more cost-effective.
3. You may have also ruled out having a friend or relative take you to the airport, if you prefer not to inconvenience anyone or if everyone is at work.
4. The convenience of having your car ready for to get into as soon as you land is often more appealing than waiting on a train platform or flagging down a taxi.
5. Airport parking isn't as expensive as many people think it is and may be an affordable solution.
6. If you have asked someone to collect you and your return flight is then late, they may be left waiting at the airport for a long time, running up a big fee on the short-stay car park.
7. If you've had a bad experience in the past, missing a flight or not being picked up on time, you may prefer to take responsibility for getting yourself to the airport from now on.
8. If you have particularly large luggage, you may not fancy the prospect of taking it on public transport to and from the airport.
9. When you step off the plane back home after the holiday, the last thing you may want is another long journey by train. The car will often be the quickest way to get you back in your house with the kettle on.
10. If you're worried about leaving your car on your driveway or roadside while you're away and don't have a garage, airport parking may be the safest option.
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