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Finding Low Airfares Just Became a Little Tougher

Going to an online travel website for low airfares is no longer the best way to get low fares. The airlines are at war with the travel websites over what they need to pay them to have their fares listed. The travel websites want more than the airlines are willing to pay. Where does that leave us? American Airlines seems to be the airline that is the deepest in it, at war with everyone all around. They denied Orbitz the right to list their fares in December; and then Delta did the same with OneTravel and Globester. Expedia got so mad with American, that they voluntarily dropped their flights from their website. Even Sabre, the computer system that allows all the travel agents to check up on fares and routes is kicking American off its system. So anyone looking for low airfares is going to have to look in more places - if two of the largest airlines aren't going to be on the travel websites anymore. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there.
You can't find in the lowest VirginAmerica or JetBlue fares on the travel websites anymore either. You can only find them on the airlines' own websites. And of course, airlines like Allegiant and the Southwest have long asked their customers to come to their own websites if they want to fly with them. What on earth are you supposed to do if you wish to quickly go buy a reasonably low-priced ticket online now? Do you really have to waste your time checking on several airline websites? There are ways however to get to where you want to go with only a couple of websites.
ITA Software is a website that all the travel websites go to for their listings. Luckily, they run a travel website of their own. Searching on ITASoftware's own website will let you search on all the airlines. They won't let you buy a ticket on their website though. Once you find out what airline it is that has the fare you want, you just have to hop over to the website of that airline to buy your ticket. You can also go to a website that helps you with a meta-search - like Kayak or Fly. They won't sell you a plane ticket either. But they let you search all over the place. Since they don't sell you tickets, airlines like American and Delta have no problem listing their fares on them.
For a search that will allow you to compare even fares on Southwest, try logging on to AirfareWatchdog. They have actual people looking up fares for you.
Bing's travel website has a great tool to help you find low airfares. They have something called a Price Predictor algorithm that tries to tell you if a given fare might rise or fall over the coming week. In short, there is no one place you can go to for fares anymore. Finding low airfares for a trip just became a little harder.

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