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Some Attractions to Explore of Nairobi

Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya, and promises to deliver one of the finest vacations to you by booking your cheap flights to Nairobi. It is the largest, and the most fabulous city in Kenya on which you can spend your lush time in a tropical manner for which the African holidays are famous for. It is known as the green city in the sun, and the reason is because of the expansion of sundry villa suburbs. It has got one of the best facilities which are found in the African continent, and the other names of this city are the place of cool waters, and the safari capital of the world respectively. Flights to Nairobi will actually give, what they promise you. Some of the attractions found here are;
- The railway Museum in Nairobi imparts the history of the place, which goes back to about a century.A huge display of the locomotives and the railway engines are displayed here which were used during the colonial period.
- Nairobi National Museum is another fantastic sites to see and explore and worth visiting, upon arranging cheap flights to Nairobi as the country Kenya is known to actually display the meaning of the 'cradle of man kind' and here in this Museum you get to see the human foot prints from the initial phases of human civilization. Besides this, a garnered amount of historical fossils too are preserved.
- The Snake Park is another exciting destination here where you get a chance to see the poisonous most and the deadly snakes of the world. Abreast, a rare species of crocodiles too are found here.
- Another park located at the center of the city is the Uhuru Park and in this park, rallies and speeches are held and some monuments pertaining to Kenya independence are also preserved here. The park is a replica of a green facet, where you get to find green trees and green grass all around.
- Nairobi national park is located 10 KM from the city, and is a visitor's heaven to come and enjoy.

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