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Travel Becomes Fun Because of Domestic Flights

Traveling for fun or traveling for passion; traveling for work or traveling for a religious purpose; studies on your mind or grabbing a business contract on visit to a new place - whatever be your reason, whatever be your background; fact of the matter is that everybody is traveling today.
Ask yourself this question, when was the last time you traveled? It could have been the day before, or last week, last month, or maybe last year - but you must have traveled for sure. I can safely presume that almost everybody in India would have had some kind of travel to a new place at least once in their lives, if not more.
And why not? The world is shrinking with the advent of technology and every place is well connected to the other through road, rail or the airway. Everybody is looking for an opportunity to have a getaway, to explore something new, to seek some adventure, or simply to visit a religious shrine.
People travel to new places in India, fall in love with it, and simply plan to house themselves in that new city itself. Some find the work of their dreams, some find the love of their life, and some awaken to the mission of their life.
For these very travel bugs, every airline today is offering the best possible deals and air fares. Domestic flights in India are on the rise and people are no more spending endless hours waiting at railway stations or bus stops. Why waste time on a slow journey when fast and convenient travel is easily available at low costs. Everybody is grabbing a piece of the bigger pie.
I am on the lookout for some new deals and will definitely be breaking free from the monotony with a short visit to some adventure spot.

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